‘I’ve never experienced anything close to this. Period. H30 Pro is now as important in my travel plans as my drumsticks and iPhone! Actually more so..........’

The Johnny Clegg Band - Auckland, New Zealand 2012

Barry van Zyl is South Africa's world-beat journeyman and go-to-drummer. Listen to a few South African records 'that matter' and you'll probably see Baz credited. 

His relaxed intensity and easygoing manner consolidated him into the A-Team of the South African recording scene at an early age.

He's an institution - the touring drummer for Johnny Clegg as well as the dude on call for international artists visiting our shores looking for 'the real deal'. 

"I make my living as a session musician and tour for half of each year as the drummer in the Johnny Clegg Band. These tours can mean 4 to 6 shows per week for months on end; beating high-energy drums on big stages to audiences of up to 20 000 people. 

We normally tour during the North America and European summer in soaring temperatures. 

It's a two hour workout. No ballads! Sustained energy, focus, concentration and recovery is critical to my performance.

I’ve been doing this for 15 years. 

At home, I run every day to keep my endurance levels up, and also do high-rep workouts in the gym. I find that this combined with enough good quality calorie nutrition is the best answer for sustained high level performance. However, this is difficult to maintain on tour with haphazard sleep and meal cycles which depend largely on show times and travel distances.

Also, it's impossible for me to sleep after the adrenaline rush of a performance to a huge audience.

As a result, my show bio-rhythms tend to be hit & miss, with frequent low energy perfomances when I haven't slept enough or had enough energy food or am just exhausted from a repetitive cycle of all of this.

On the 4th of August 2012 I felt absolutely fried. 

It was the 5th show of the week - 38° celcius on a breathless evening in Portland, Oregon. My energy was way down and I needed a lift. Out of desperation I mixed a sachet of Herbalife’s H30 Pro for the first time.

To be truthful I was unconvinced that it would make any real difference. I had tried them all - been there and done that.

HYDRATION : sustained energy during performance

I sipped the H30 Pro before we started and continued for the next 90 minutes. 

To say that it's a game-change is an understatement.

Not only did I sail through the 2-hour set plus encores, but I could have done another 60 minutes.


I then did the same thing the following day in Seattle. And continued for the remaining few tour dates.

FUEL : Nutrition for the 21st Century


I’ve been fanatically attached to my morning ritual of good ground coffee and great croissants!


The downside has been energy loss during the day and a feeling of not being adequately nourished. I just became accustomed to this. Not great for a diagnosed Hyperglycemic!


I made a deal with myself to try the Herbalife Formula 1 Shake for two weeks and then re-evaluate the situation.


Another game changer. My results in a very short time frame have been:


  • Sustained energy throughout the day, without the usual blood-sugar plunges and spikes.
  • A feeling of having taken care of an essential nutritional ‘mix’ each day.
  • Less irritation and calmer nerves.
  • Better sleep patterns.
  • A visible and tangible increase in muscle strength and endurance.


And all in a delicious frothy vanilla milkshake......  


Secret weapons in new millennium city life don’t get much more powerful than this!


I’ve never experienced anything close to this. Period. Herbalife's H3OPRO and Formula 1 Healthy Meal are now as important in my travel plans as my drumsticks and iPhone! Actually more so..........


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